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Organize your lab

With tools to support
science and innovation

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How Indaggo works?


Principal Investigators, Lab Managers or Research Leads can create a Labspace to 1) track order requests, 2) inventory/location/consumption logs and 3) manage projects/experiments. A Researcher can belong to multiple Labspaces and a Labspace can have multiple Researchers and Admins. With Indaggo's project management system, Admins can also assign specific team leads and members to a project.


Virtual Whiteboard

Researchers have their own virtual whiteboard where they can post notes and reminders, create tasks, and shortlist products they may want to submit to their Labspace Orderbook. A virtual whiteboard is only visible to the researcher, and not other members of a Labspace.


Researchers get their own dashboard which summarizes everything happening in the Labspace or Labspaces they are affiliated with: recent activity notifications, low inventory stocks, Labspace affiliations, fund management info, order request approvals and more. Labspace Admins, get an additional dashboard to view the activities of the entire Labspace.

"An efficient lab


time and money"

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